ISO 9001:2015 IQNet certificate

The certificate conforming that Certification Association «Russian Register» has issued an IQNet recognized certificate that the organization: LLC «ELSTER Gaselectronica» has implemented and maintains а Quality Management System for the following scope: design, development, manufacturing, service and repair of gas measuring systems, gas meters, measuring cartridges, gas filters, gas measuring cabinets, gas reduction cabinets, gas measuring and reduction cabinets, саЫе adapters, pressure drop indicators, gas volume correctors, gas volume flow correctors, gas pressure regulators, pressure transmitters, pressure drop transmitters, gas flow meters, gas flow computers, test rigs, shut-off valves, gas chromatographs which fulfils the requirements of the following standard: ISO 9001 :2015.

Issued оп: 20th Мау, 2020. Expires оп: 20th Мау, 2023

Имя файла: iso-smk-2020_3.pdf

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